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Criminal Law

During my 24 years of practicing law I have handled a wide variety of criminal law cases. My cases have included everything from minor traffic tickets to rape cases. In fact my last two jury trials were rape cases wherein both of my clients were found “Not Guilty.” I tried one of those cases in Dent County Missouri and the other in Washington County Missouri.

I do not recommend going to trial on every case. If a client has actually committed the crime he or she was charged with, then I usually recommend accepting the prosecuting attorney’s plea bargain if one is offered.

I look at every case individually and then give my best advice to my client. If you need a good criminal law attorney, then call me, Glenn Hall, today at 573-729-2229.

Traffic Tickets

The Hall Law Firm LLC handles a wide variety of traffic tickets in Dent County, Texas County, and counties all around this area.  It is important to hire an attorney quickly once you have gotten a ticket.  It can help to hire an attorney who works with the local prosecutor on a regular basis.  We can usually work with the  prosecutor to get your ticket reduced to a non-point violation.  This can save you money on your insurance premiums and will definitely keep points off of your driver’s licence.  Depending on the type of ticket you have, just one to three tickets could cause you to lose your license.

If you were ticketed for driving while intoxicated, then you have a very short time to appeal your initial loss of license with the Department of Revenue.  Call us the first day you can!

Call the Hall Law Firm today to discuss your ticket.  For Salem in Dent County and surrounding counties call Glenn Hall at 573-729-2229.  For Houston and Texas County and surrounding counties call Jaired at 417-967-0066.

Divorce Attorneys

The Hall Law Firm LLC handles about every type of divorce case one could think of.  Glenn alone has been practicing in this area of law for over 20 years.  Our experience includes both uncontested and contested cases which require trials.

If you have child custody, real estate, or property issues and you need good, competent attorneys to help, then call today for an appointment.

Real Estate Litigation

The Hall Law Firm LLC has handled a wide variety of real estate cases, including contract, adverse possession, trespass, nuisance, and easement cases.  We have gone and will go to jury trial when the need arises in these cases.  Presently we are working on interesting contract, nuisance and trespass cases.  One nuisance case deals with dogs barking unceasingly on a neighbor’s property and a trespass case deals with unlawful logging on our client’s property.  We are asking for punitive as well as actual damages in these cases because of the egregious and malicious acts.

These are fairly common issues in the south-central Missouri region, so if you have real estate issues, please give us a call to see if we can help.  Our number is 417-967-0066 in the Texas – Howell – Shannon- Wright County area and 573-729-2229 in the Dent – Phelps – Crawford – Iron County area.

We look forward to helping you with your real estate issues.