Emergency Estate Planning

Just last week one of my long-time clients died. He had put off any estate planning until the very end and was in and out of the hospital the last four weeks of his life. I called him twice at the hospital to ask him if he wanted me to prepare any documents for him because I sensed that his life was coming to a close. The second time I called I asked him directly, “Do you think your death is imminent?” He answered “No” and did not ask me to prepare anything for him.

About one week later I got an emergency call from a close friend asking me to prepare certain documents. That day I prepared and emailed documents to that friend which were signed and notarized that day. These documents provided for the transfer of all of my clients assets, including two pieces of real estate, a business, and much personal property, without the necessity of filing anything in probate court. ┬áThis quick action will save my client’s beneficiaries thousand of dollars in probate fees and legal expenses.

Moral: take action to preserve your estate assets now! Call Glenn Hall at 573-729-2229 to discuss the estate plan drafted to your particular needs.