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Estate Plans Fast!

I have been drafting estate plans since 1989 and now devote much of my practice to estate planning.  I can usually see new clients within a few days of their first call concerning their need for a customized estate plan. I can usually have their new estate plan ready for signature within a week of that first conference, so long as the client gets all of his or her essential documents (like deeds) to me right way.

I always suggest an estate plan that will avoid probate court fees and expenses for the heirs of an estate. This often requires the use of a beneficiary deed or a revocable living trust. In addition to these documents my basic estate plan typically includes a will, a durable power of attorney in order to avoid conservatorship, and a medical power of attorney in order to avoid guardianship.

Fees for estate plans usually range from $250 to $1500 depending on the documents needed.

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Justice and Righteousness

Psalm 89 tells us that justice and righteousness form the foundation of God’s throne. The Scriptures also make it clear that a synonym for justice is truth and for righteousness is mercy. Psalm 85 says that in God mercy and truth have kissed, which means that in God they become one. The apostle James taught us that mercy triumphs over judgment.

“These are the principles which form the foundation of my law practice.” – Glenn Hall